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What is Minorities in Cybersecurity (MiC)?

The best way to achieve success is to share knowledge. MiC was created by industry leaders to develop the next great cybersecurity leaders. MiC is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the leadership and career development of our members. We strive to create a community of cybersecurity professionals that will support, develop and help prepare our members to not only excel in the cybersecurity field but achieve their personal level of career success. Through our programming we provide our members with tools, guides, and resources that will not only help them map out their career from beginning to end, but in addition, offer support through mentorship, coaching and team accountability sessions that will help them achieve their short- and long-term goals.

Why the need for MiC?

It has been well documented that there is a shortage of talent in the cybersecurity industry. To make it even harder organizations of all types are having difficulty attracting, maintaining and promoting to higher levels their diverse talent. Despite the vast amount of diversity and inclusion groups, there has not been any significant gains to the presence of women and minorities in the cybersecurity industry. 

Women make up about 50% of the global population, however, representation in the cybersecurity field is around 11%*. The overall U.S. minority workforce is approximately 21%, but surprisingly their participation in the cybersecurity field is slightly higher at 26%. However, and most important to the members of MiC, who seek to grow their career, women’s representation in roles at director or above is approximately 4%, with minority representation at the director or above level being approximately 23%. 

In any given environment there can be many answers to the question about a lack of diversity at the highest level of an organization. However, there is one reason that is consistently top of mind, a lack of training and support. From the time an individual enters an entry level position through their promotional opportunities, organizations often fail to understand the unique social, generational, political, cultural and economic hurdles an individual may face to achieve next level career success. Oftentimes, organizational cultures can be so homogenized that individual differences are seen as barriers to entry as opposed to, what they are, unique opportunities to value different viewpoints and ideas to increase the overall cybersecurity community. 

It is also fair to note that higher educational programs, although very good at training for a vocation or degree, do not always address what it takes to obtain that first career opportunity nor what it takes to be successful as they progress throughout their various career levels. 

It is MiC’s position that with the right level of support, resources and leadership development opportunities we can help fill a void that our members may experience that will help them grow in their careers.

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The Benefits of Membership

Members have access to The MiC Inclusive Community™ and The MiC Leadership Series™ which provide exclusive content in the form of career resources, programming,  and leadership development opportunities specific to where they are on their career journey.

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What is the Mission of MiC?

The mission of MiC is to provide practical knowledge, training, and support to our members with the sole purpose of preparing them to become the next generation of global cybersecurity leaders. 


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