MiC Drop Prep™ Sessions

Ever wanted a trial run before a big meeting or interview? Want to get real feedback from cybersecurity professionals on your resume. Want to learn how to pitch yourself? Get feedback on your presentation before a big meeting? Want to discuss how to negotiate the best salary?

That’s where our MiC Drop Prep™ Session’s step in. These sessions are for all professionals seeking to sharpen their career preparations skills through mock interviews, live resume screening and feedback, opportunities to sharpen their presentation and pitch prior to going into an interview or big meeting.

Our sessions are scenario based and specific to the individual’s seeking assistance. During these sessions we will have hiring managers, MiC Talent and other recruiters, HR professionals, and other cybersecurity professionals give actionable feedback to our participants on their presentation, resume, interview, etc.

As minorities and women there are some things that we may never get exposed to as we try to ascend to the highest levels in our cybersecurity careers. There are times that our experiences, whether societal or cultural, are just different and may put us at a disadvantage. The MiC Drop Prep™ sessions are to help prepare professionals by providing a safe and comfortable space to give and receive feedback prior to the big day.

Sessions will be offered twice per month on the first and third Monday starting October 17th, 2022 at 8ET | 5PT.  

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