In order to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity leaders you have to prepare them to lead. Our MiC LEAD™ programming is designed to meet every individual at their level of experience and provided them with the training, resources, and community support they need.

The MiC LEAD Trainers are dedicated to making sure our leaders are prepared to move their career to the next level. 


MiC LEAD Aspirers™ Registration

The MiC LEAD Aspirers™ series of consists of hour long bi-weekly workshops, discussions, and panels covering various topics relevant to those attempting to obtain their first cybersecurity role. The goal is to provide those new or aspiring to be in the profession an opportunity to learn what roles exist and their best path of entry into the profession. Click on the picture to learn more. 


MiC LEAD Builders™ Registration

The MiC LEAD Builders™ program focuses on building resilience in our entry to mid-level professionals by training and providing them with the things they need to effectively manage their career. MiC Builders™ are taught that their career is in their hands, and they should approach it thoughtfully and strategically to build out the career they desire. The MiC LEAD Builders™ program is a five (5) month, 30-hour program that helps individuals explore how to set up a foundation for building a successful cybersecurity career. Click on the picture to learn more. 


 MiC LEAD CommunicatorsTM Registration

The MiC LEAD Communicators™ program is specifically designed to help fill the gap from building your career to becoming a people leader or in the MiC terminology, moving from a MiC Builder™ to a MiC Communicator™. MiC Communicators™ are focused on developing the appropriate skills required for promotion and leading cybersecurity teams. Click on the picture to learn more. 


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