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MiC - L.E.A.D.™

Ever felt stuck? Frustrated seeing others being promoted before you? Don’t know what you can do to get that promotion?

As minorities and women there are some things that we may never get exposed to as we try to ascend to the highest levels in our cybersecurity careers. There are times that our experiences, whether societal or cultural, are just different and may put us at a disadvantage. Add to that the limited opportunities for true leadership development and training it is no wonder we remain behind when it comes to management opportunities. We don't quite know the rules and do not have the right tools to become people leaders. 

The MiC Leadership Education and Advancement Development (MiC LEAD™) program is designed to address the gap from building your career to becoming a people leader or in the MiC terminology, moving from a MiC Builder to a MiC Communicator. MiC Communicators are focused on developing the appropriate skills required for promotion and leading cybersecurity teams. 

The transition from individual contributor to people leader can be a challenge for any professional but especially a potentially introverted cybersecurity professional. Our profession is filled with a paranoid sense that you must know every technical requirement to be competitive, which of course breeds insecurity. Cybersecurity professionals can feed that insecurity by feeling they need to attain more education, certifications, etc. In other words, you feel you will be promoted based on your own effort and can maximize results based on your own talent.

Unfortunately, if you focus on the technical side only, you may not learn the required skills to lead people. The difference between an individual contributor and a people leader is this concept of control. You've achieved a certain level of success by doing things your way. A people leader must resist the urge to tell someone on their team “what” to do or orchestrate “how” they do it based on what they would do under similar circumstance. Leaning an allowing your team to deliver in a way that is different from “your way” builds trust and trust is paramount when leading a team. 

This is where the MiC LEAD™ program steps in, it is designed for the individual contributor to get to know the different skills it takes to lead a team. The MiC LEAD™ program is a six (6) month, 40-hour program that not only helps an individual explore and get to know themselves as a leader but also develops leadership skills necessary for advancement in their careers.

Leaders are chosen for the program based on various factors which may include the diversity of the applicants, time spent in their current role, time spent at their current level as well as what is outlined below.


  • Live training modules will be held virtually for three (3) hours twice a month for six (6) months
  • There will be four (4) additional one-hour MiC LEAD™ Roundtable discussion with industry leaders (TBD) 
  • Leaders will be required to attend and participate in all sessions

 Application Requirements

  • Five (5) or more years of experience in a cybersecurity role
  • Current resume showing relevant experience
  • Application must include a minimum two (2) page essay describing your own career journey, what your goals are for the program and where you feel you need improvement (part of the selection criteria) 

 Pricing and Discounts

  • $2000 per leader (unless sponsored) 
  • Current Corporate and Professional MiC members receive a $250 discount
  • Non-members receive a one (1) year annual membership to MiC ($249 value) 


Take that next step and become a next generation cybersecurity leader! 

Application Deadline For June 2022 Class is May 15th, 2022

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