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Our Purpose

MiC was developed out of a unique passion to help fill the gap that exists in the support and development of women and minority leaders in the cybersecurity field. Through our programming we hope too close that gap by recognizing those unique challenges and provide a community of resources, knowledge, career development and support for our members.

Our Programs

The MiC Inclusive Community™

Members only access to resources and programming including:

  • MiC HEaLS™ - Additional services designed to assist professionals in their five areas of growth which are spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and financial ensuring they create a healthy environment for overall success.
  • MiC Monthly Newsletters - Monthly community news and events.
  • Cybersecurity Resume Review - Have your resume reviewed and receive feedback from one of our industry gurus.
  • MiC Community Website – an online community forum designed to provide members with exclusive access to programming, resources, and each other.
  • MiC Job Board – Exclusive job postings for our membership community.
  • Discounted pricing to conferences and workshops at various events nationwide.

The MiC Leadership Series™

Resources and programming focused on development at various stages of your career.

MiC LEAD™ - Leadership Education and Advancement Development Programs designed to meet a professional where they are on their career journey and address some of the deficiencies underrepresented communities may encounter.

My MiC Team – Each member of MiC will be able to select the type of resources and programming relevant to the stages they are in their career. At each level our members will have access to mentoring and coaching sessions including team accountability sessions which will be a small pre-selected group of peers that hold each other accountable for short term career goals (9-12-month sessions).

  • MiC Aspirers™ (College or Transitioning) - Topics include: Repurposing skills; Don’t take rejection personally – learn from it; How to prepare for an interview; Finding and choosing the right opportunity; How to find a mentor.
  • MiC Builders™ (Entry Level – Know Thyself) - Topics include: Developing relationships; Choosing the right culture – first diversity hurdle; Setting goals and objectives for yourself; Creating your skills package; Do you need a career coach; Knowing what it takes to reach the next level.
  • MiC Communicators™ (Mid-Career – Building Teams) - Topics include: Unconscious bias – the second diversity hurdle; How’s your stamina, can you keep going; How to develop a first sponsor; Setting boundaries; Developing communication and leadership skills.
  • MiC Directors™ (Director and beyond – Leading Leaders) - Topics include: Inclusion - the third diversity hurdle; Finding and strengthening your voice; Leading biased people; the importance of self-awareness; Giving back.

MiC Drop Prep™ Sessions

Ever wanted a trial run before a big meeting or interview? Want to get real feedback from cybersecurity professionals on your resume. Want to learn how to pitch yourself? Get feedback on your presentation before a big meeting? Want to discuss how to negotiate the best salary?

That’s where our MiC Drop Prep™ Session’s step in. These sessions are for all professionals seeking to sharpen their career preparations skills through mock interviews, live resume screening and feedback, opportunities to sharpen their presentation and pitch prior to going into an interview or big meeting.