MiC HEaLS™ - MiC Healthy Environment and Lifestyle Services

On our career journey it becomes important to take care of ourselves to bring forth our best version. MiC HEaLS™ focuses on the relationship leaders have in their five areas of growth, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and financial ensuring they create a healthy environment for their overall success. 

MiC HEaLS™ for Members

MiC HEaLS™ provides holistic career services, resources, and programming relevant to the stages leaders are in their career. The time frame and availability varies. Many of the MiC HEaLS services are available either free or at a discounted rate for paid MiC members. The below is a listing of additional services offered under MiC HEaLS. 

  • MiC HEaLS Annual Retreat – Member only access to our annual wellness retreat (MiC LEAD Grads ONLY)
  • MiC Drop Prep™ Sessions – Sessions for all professionals seeking to sharpen their career preparations skills through mock interviews, live resume screening and feedback, opportunities to sharpen their presentation and pitch prior to going into an interview or big meeting
  • The 5 Areas Health and Wellness – Content designed for mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health and wellness
  • MiC HEaLS Mentorship Program (Beta Testing - 12-month minimum commitment)
    • Mentor Sign Up - See step-by-step instructions here 
    • Mentee Sign Up - Sign Up for Members Coming Soon (Student Level Membership and above) 
  • Life and Career Coaching Sessions – Individualized sessions with one of our coaches (6-month minimum commitment) 
    • Tier I - MiC Aspirers and MiC Talent Apprentices - one on one sessions for 6-months = $1000
    • Tier II - MiC Builders and MiC Communicators - one on one sessions for 6-months = $2000
    • Tier III - MiC Directors - TBD depending on need and duration (contact us at [email protected])
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  • Resume Writing Services – Individualized review and suggestions on how to improve your resume (Student Level Membership and above
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Building (Professional Level ONLY - discounted price) 
  • Brand Building Services – Counseling session with one of our brand building and management specialists (Professional Level ONLY - discounted price
  • Business Etiquette Training – How to prepare to be in the room (Professional Level ONLY - discounted price

MiC HEaLS™ for Organizations

Foundational to being a successful leader is the ability to engage and motivate diverse teams to perform at a high level. MiC HEaLS - Healthy Environment Training is a 12-month program consisting of three (3) phases where your organizations leaders will learn tools, techniques, and practices to assist them with cultivating and developing diverse teams. Each phase is necessary for maximum retention and support. A full curriculum description is available upon request. 
  • Introductory (Phase I): A two-day virtual or in-person foundational seminar to train leaders how to lead while being inclusive of diverse teams.
  • Reinforcement (Phase II): A one day virtual or in-person reinforcement session which takes place 3-6 months after the introductory session. This session focuses on deepen each leader’s understanding of inclusive leadership concepts and provide practical tools to integrate inclusive practices into their leadership approach.
  • Reconnecting (Phase III): A one day virtual or in-person reinforcement session which takes place 9-12 months after the introductory session. This session focuses on reconnecting with leaders to assess their progress in practicing inclusive leadership, address challenges, and provide advanced strategies for continued growth.


If you are interested in MiC HEaLS services for members or organizations please email: [email protected]