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MiC LEAD Builders™

The MiC LEAD Builders™ course is specifically designed to assist entry to mid-career cybersecurity professionals build out their cybersecurity subject matter expertise. Unfortunately, what often happens with MiC Builders™ is that they become so focused on deepening their cybersecurity knowledge they have a difficult time identifying and articulating their success or knowing how to strategically plan out their successive career moves. By solely focusing on technical skills in a specific area MiC Builders™ often hit a wall and do not know how to transition to different and related areas in cybersecurity to avoid burn out. 

The MiC LEAD Builders™ program focuses on building resilience in our entry to mid-level professionals by training and providing them with the things they need to effectively manage their career. MiC Builders™ are taught that their career is in their hands, and they should approach it thoughtfully and strategically to build out the career they desire. The MiC LEAD Builders™ program is a five (5) month, 30-hour program that helps individuals explore how to set up a foundation for building a successful cybersecurity career. 

Courses take place on Saturday, twice a month. The morning course is 10am-1pm ET and the afternoon course is 2pm-5pm ET. Start date will be provided upon acceptance. 

Leaders are chosen for the program based on various factors which may include the diversity of the applicants, time spent in their current role, time spent at their current level and in addition, a cover letter describing their current role and what they would like to accomplish in the next three (3) years.


  • Live training modules will be held virtually twice a month, on Saturday, for three hours, for five (5) months
  • The morning course is from 10am-1pm ET and the afternoon course is from 2pm-5pm ET.
  • Leaders will be required to attend and participate in all sessions
  • Sessions WILL NOT be recorded. Alumni graduates will have access to subsequent MiC LEAD Builders™ courses and can attend sessions that they missed
  • Leaders that miss 2 sessions, or 6 total hours of training will be removed from the cohort and not allowed to reapply to the MiC LEAD Builders™ course for one full calendar year
  • Leaders will be asked to pay a $150 refundable deposit upon acceptance to the course and prior to the first class. The deposit will be returned upon graduation. Leaders that voluntarily leave the course or are removed for non-attendance forfeit their deposit

Application Requirements

  • One (1) or more years of experience in a cybersecurity role
  • Current resume showing relevant experience
  • A cover letter describing your current role and what you would like to accomplish in the next three (3) years (part of the selection criteria) 

Pricing and Discount

  • $150 refundable deposit upon acceptance. Deposit will be returned upon graduation.
  • Non-members receive a one (1) year annual membership to MiC ($249 value)


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