Previously Recorded MiC Community Calls

2021 Calls

January 22: WTH Is Going On? An Open Conversation About Under Representation Regardless Of Race - Web Recording

February 19What Are SMART Goals And How To Draft Them? - Web Recording

2020 Calls

February 28: The Leadership Trait: Initiative - Web RecordingAudio Only

May 22: How To Pivot With Grace In Your Career - Web Recording | Audio Only

July 24: Equal Pay And Salary Negotiations - Web RecordingAudio Only

August 28: Dealing With Micro-Aggression In The Workplace - Web Recording | Audio Only

September 25: The Importance Of Building Trust Inside Your Team - Web RecordingAudio Only

October 23: Unwanted Attention In Professional Places - Web RecordingAudio Only

December 4: How To Prioritize Cybersecurity - Web Recording | Audio Only 

2019 Calls

August 30: Inaugural Call: Intro to MiC -  Web Recording | Audio Only

September 27: MiC Springboard Mentorship Program - Web Recording | Audio Only

October 25: Establishing Your Pivot Foot! - Web Recording | Audio Only

November 22: Beyond DNI: The Challenges We Face In Building Relationships With The Other Side - Web Recording | Audio Only